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This may be a little forward, but I’d like money and I’d like money before I do the work. Let me explain: theatre is a terrible business – high risk, low return. Massive capital expenditure months before any income comes in. I’ve spent a lot of money on my own productions and a lot on other people’s, both actual currency and time and expertise. I’ve gotten very little back. But I love working in theatre and I’m going to keep working in the theatre.

Here are my projects I’m working on and where they are in their development. Some are just ideas, others are scripts and a couple have been produced before. If one piques your interest and you’d like to help make it happen then why not pledge a donation? If enough people do it then I can work on it securely knowing that I’m going to be able to pay my rent. Otherwise you can also support me to generally keep working and be productive without choosing a specific project.

I’m not asking you to this for nothing though – all donors will get something back. Maybe a bunch of tickets to the show, credit in the programme, a fluffy duck toy, a massage, a home-cooked dinner by candle light, something….

Hopefully this page will get all automated one day, but for now email me if you’re interested at


The Underground Library – completed script that you can listen to here.

The Shepard – 2 hander script I’m half way through after a couple of years. A foray into political drama after being sick of the simplistic satires that pass Malema references off as cutting insight.

Dogs – a script for 5 voices weaving non linearly through relationships and loss. Written 2 years ago.


2 Responses to Support Me

  1. Tisha says:

    Enjoyed Owl!!

  2. I loved OWL. Im a director/scriptwriter. have you thought of making it into a film?

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