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About Jon Keevy

Jon Keevy is a writer of stories and plays and also runs Alexander Bar's Upstairs Theatre.


“Tell it from the beginning. Where ever that is. Where ever the story starts, that where you start telling it.” Continue reading

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Like Me

It’s always easier than you think it’ll be. Than I think it’ll be. Sorry, that’s a thing I do. Universalise. See, I want to say, ‘it’s a thing we do.’ Meaning humans. People. But it’s not universal. I mean, I … Continue reading

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Ticking Red

The clock chopped seconds off her life with an implacable rhythm. In the darkness, her mind made the sounds into bursts of colour – like bubbles popping. Like fireworks. It wasn’t something she did, it was just the way her … Continue reading

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Good Wine

Every time I handed a wine bottle down to him there would be a soft clink of metal on glass. His wedding ring. I was elbow deep in the hall cupboard, helping my father to unpack a lifetime of dinner … Continue reading

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Easy to love

She said, “You’re easy to love.” Her tone was a simple statement but boredom and condescension creased the corners of her mouth in ways he could only register unconsciously, so her words left him with a sense of unease at … Continue reading

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2016: My Year in Culture

A rambling bunch of thoughts on culture that made an impression, I’ll try to stick to categories. But I won’t be successful. My year in culture was not really 2016. You see, I never really stopped being the child who … Continue reading

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Playwright’s Opportunities

This is a first draft list of opportunities for South African Playwrights featuring Local and International opportunities. We’ll be adding more as we research them. (Most overseas opportunities don’t make it clear if they’re open to submissions from afar. So we’ve been … Continue reading

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