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In which a writer returns from a journey

New Visions New Voices Thoughts and thanks by Jon Keevy I arrived in Cape Town back from the US on the 17 May. I felt invigorated despite the forty hours of traveling it took to get home. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Punching Theatre in the Face

People are trying to save theatre all the time. I recently sat in a circle of shell-shocked arts administrators at the PANSA Western Cape offices in Salt River and saw the zeal glinting from underneath the exhaustion. They try to … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Marketing

Actually just some ideas that anyone could come up with if they take a minute to think about it. Theatre marketers assume there’s a market. There isn’t, there’s only a target market. That one erroneous assumption is why theatre makers … Continue reading

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An abandoned letter to Theatre makers

Theatre is great. Most anyway. Actually only some. But 90% of everything is crap and people don’t avoid cinemas because 90% of the films suck. Your theatre is definitely in that magical ten percent of goodness. I know this because … Continue reading

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How to get a head

Yes, out of all the possible titles I opted for the most obvious pun. Guilty as charged – etcetera, etcetera. In my slim defense I have been somewhat sort of almost high on the rich aromas of liquid latex and … Continue reading

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Home safe from the KKNK

On the 31stof March at 6am I hit the N1 out of Cape Town with Gaetan Schmidt and Jason Ralph. Together we drove for 5 hours and at some point crossed over the mysterious “Boere Wors Curtain” and into the … Continue reading

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Crowsong: the Thank You list.

On the 16th and 17th of March we took over Theatre in the district with a theatre experiment called Crowsong. Here’s who I’d like to thank for making it possible. Caffeine: Jason Potgieter frightens me. He’s a force of nature … Continue reading

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