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Good Bye TheatreSports

I did the course the back in 2005. I think. I’m not very good with keeping track of dates and times, but I’m pretty sure I joined up after doing my Honours, but before doing my MA. The course was … Continue reading

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An abandoned letter to Theatre makers

Theatre is great. Most anyway. Actually only some. But 90% of everything is crap and people don’t avoid cinemas because 90% of the films suck. Your theatre is definitely in that magical ten percent of goodness. I know this because … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes. Or don’t. Part 3

Part 3: Story The second thing that compels an audience’s attention is Story. Story is how a character gets from point A to point B, it’s how a situation changes. So for it to be a story something has to … Continue reading

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Just say Yes. Or don’t. Part 2

Part 2: Character OK, so last week I looked at the language of improvising, trying to define the terms needed to discuss the nuances of Accepting and Blocking. This section is on Character and how our character choices interact with … Continue reading

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Just say Yes. Or don’t. Part 1

Part 1: Beyond Yes and No Two things compel an audience’s attention, Character and Story. I think of Story as being characters getting from point A to point B. Writers can exercise their godlike overview to balance the exploration of … Continue reading

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Selling Points

I thinks it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Theatresports has been going through a lot of changes recently. Since the beginning it’s been Megan Choritz‘s baby and she’s been the perfect mother – nurturing but ready with a … Continue reading

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