Videos of my work with Sanjin Muftic as Yawazzi

The first Stop-mo I ever did. It comes from Sanjin’s production of Hamlet with UCT 2nd years in 2008. The concept was that instead of having travelling players do the dumb show that it be a short film. The origami lotus was a recurring motif in the design and the overall concept of the piece was ‘fracture’, which inspired the material of the stop-mo. Sanjin found the beautiful score.

Lara Bye’s 2011 production of The Flying Dutchman, produced by the South African Wagner Society. I wanted the animation to be infused by the sea – we recorded a lot of ink and water effects and filmed the sea at Kalk Bay harbour. The performers were all filmed in one night with only 2 weeks to go ’til opening – Sanjin and I pulled many all nighters to get it all together in time.

Our first foray into live drawing. Under the Stars, Above the Tree which I wrote and Sanjin directed was a milestone for Yawazzi and much of our subsequent work came from that humble story. First performed in 2008 with myself and Andrew Laubscher playing all the parts, later Mat Lewis and Marty Kintu came in for our trip in 2009 to the Kina Children’s festival in Rwanda.

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