I’ve been designing and editing posters since 2006. I’m a photoshop bad-ass. All illustrations are my own and photography is either commissioned or copyright-free stock. I will not create work with unlicensed material. I get a lot of my textures and backgrounds from the awesome CG Textures.

I also do a lot of posters for musicians coming to Alexander Upstairs but I keep these very simple and usually just add information to their press photos – for this reason I’m not including them here.

If you want me to do a poster for you then email me at

Featuring photography by: Alice Gauntlett, Boniswa Isaacs, Jesse Kramer, Mike Sole,  Rob Keith, Jon Minster, Guy de Lancey and Myself.

3 thoughts on “Posters

  1. “I’ve had the privilege of being in a few plays that had a poster designed by Keevy. One of the greatest. Keevy leads the pack by miles with his creative brilliance, his sheer originality, his craftsmanship, his technical genius, the works. He writes sci-fi novels, (think Ender’s Game, only better), so he has a mind that produces creative genius on a biblical level. Combined with that super power is his unbelievable understanding and appreciation of human emotion. He doesn’t try, he just does. THAT is the mark of a man who will leave behind good karma; a legacy that will be of great benefit to others for eons.”
    – Charlie Keegan,

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