Selling Points

I thinks it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Theatresports has been going through a lot of changes recently. Since the beginning it’s been Megan Choritz‘s baby and she’s been the perfect mother – nurturing but ready with a firm hand when it’s needed. Her decision to take a well deserved break from it has shaken up the group a lot. For myself I miss her focus and drive at class especially. Megan teaches from the front and learns as she instructs, a rare and great strategy.

The biggest change however is that the way Theatresports is run has shifted on to the shoulders of the remaining senior members. I am now in charge of PR and marketing. Scary. It’s a position with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of tasks. Most of them I like, photoshopping and designing and dreaming up ideas. Some I find a bit of a schlep, like the administration of updating listings and press clippings.

Over the next 2 weeks we’re going to be preparing for a press push – the fundamental part being new printed materials. Our budget is modest right now because it needs to be distributed across several new sectors – updating our company registrations, keeping our license with the International Theatresports body and putting up a new website.

The team are definitely not short on passion or ideas though, the key will be following through on all these great plans.

Life is crazy.

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