Nibbling my hat

I have ideas. Some of these are pretty solid, I think. Others I wrote down on my arm after the last tequila of the night. I put the ideas up here. One that pops up a lot is that theatre needs better marketing and it’s usually followed by a couple of idealings about how. FTH:K proposes the same solutions I do, that what’s needed are more and more diverse arts administrators. Of course that solution is just another problem. How do you find them?

And I have no answer.

I’m starting up the marketing for my play Owl and I really wanted to find that organised, edgy dynamo that would take it on. Unfortunately the organised, edgy folk I know aren’t biting – they’re busy, which is a constant state of being for organised, edgy dynamos.

Fortunately they took the time to help me, giving me contacts, ideas and strategies. For which I’m amazingly grateful. All this put another idea in my head: I’ve been proposing a silver bullet to the marketing woes of theatre. But there isn’t one. I need to learn more, hustle more, work more. But most of all, I need to be more honest about what I can do better. I think it all starts with that.

One thought on “Nibbling my hat

  1. (Sorry this comment is 2 months after the fact)

    One thing that would help the theatre industry is a better appreciation of arts administrators. I’m talking very generally here, not just about PR types.
    I have been working in fine arts admin for ages now, but would love to move back to theatre. Unfortunately, every theatre admin job I see advertised pays less than I would get as a secretary’s secretary. I know there’s no money in theatre for anyone other than Pieter Toerien, but if I can’t survive, I am not sure how I can help.

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